Airborne Communication

Axnes PNG – the mission wireless intercom:

A mission capable wireless ICS extension which enables crew to maintain full duplex communication when leaving the flight platform at line of sight range.

Stabilized Electro-optic Platform

Multi-sensor E/O platform will enhance your capabilities in critical missions such as SAR and airborne surveillance

Aircrew Night-Vision Equipment

Professional Aircrew NVGs and handheld IR binoculars will enhance flight safety in low light conditions in Police, SAR and HEMS operations

SAR and HEC Safety Harnesses

We supply various TSO-approved life-vests for airborne operations, both fixed and rotary-wing flights.

Immersion suits are vital to protect SAR crews in cold weather rescue.

Our EASA approved safety harnesses are approved for cabin movement as well as Human External Cargo (HEC) operations.